Monday, 8 February 2016

Working from home = Working Naked

I wanted to put a short post up today cause I spent the entire day today in the buff.  I am rather fortunate as I am able to work from home rather often (Thank you internet and the high cost of corporate real estate).  Today I took full advantage of this.  For lack of another term it was very "liberating".  I had conference calls all day and to be speaking to people over the phone while completely naked is an excellent experience.  I was grinning the whole time especially when my supervisor made a comment about the fact I was working from home today to a larger group that I was likely still in my pyjamas.  The group got a good laugh and I told them I was in fact in my pyjamas, which as I sleep naked this was not a lie.

The "winter blues" are especially true for a naturist in Canada.  The reality is that you cannot experience Naturism the same way in the winter as you can the rest of the year. I feel like this may be the secret cure to them for me however.  

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