Sunday, 25 October 2015

Northern Nudes

So with the weather cooling quickly, I've put a lot of thought into how to continue the wonderful world of being naked, when wearing more layers would be the normal course of action.  In my previous posts I covered the beach at Hanlons Point, Ponderosa resort etc, which are less of an option as we move into another Canadian winter.  Ponderosa is still an option as they have an indoor pool and other activities available. I think I will venture to the resort one weekend to see how the nightlife and special events are are a naturist resort and if/when I do, I'll be sure to blog about it.  However even in the summer, the main place I enjoy my freedom is in my own home.  Its convenient, no intimidating crowds, and best of all its free!
On the surface winter should not present a problem at home but there are a roadblocks even there.  Last year I made use of extra layers, blankets, slippers etc, so that I can use less heating, thus saving some money on the gas bill, and being slightly more environmentally friendly.  But now a few pennies here and there seems a small price to pay to raise the temperature at home a few degrees and allow me to continue my nude at home lifestyle.  Jury is still out on this but with no beach to look forward to until spring, I am leaning towards raising the heat a little.
Another thing to think about is the windows.  So far I have figured out what windows need the curtains or shutters closed so as not to expose myself or shock the neighbours.  I know some naturists insist that this is should not be necessary but I am not looking to draw any attention to myself .  My house backs on to a wooded ravine so I tend to leave those shutters open during the day. With the leaves falling I've been wondering that the nosey neighbours across the way might have a view right into my living room and bedroom, where I have been spending 90% of the time in the buff even with the shutters open.  Do I say to hell with the neighbours and get my dose of Vitamin D or close those shutters as well?  So far I have been leaving them open, it would take some effort for the couple across the ravine to get a good view, who am I to deny the woman (or her husband) a show if they put the effort in to see it.  I may change my mind as the trees become as bare as I am, but for now the good times continue.
And it has been good fun.  I spend a fair majority of my home time in the nude now. I tend to keep a pair of track pants and a t-shirt nearby in case there is a knock at the door but have yet to need it.  I relax in front of the TV and on one rather cool evening I even got the fireplace going which was an excellent experience I highly recommend. There is a significant amount of novelty doing everyday things naked as well. I've made myself diner (nothing with bacon, I'm not crazy), watched Baseball on TV, and my job allows me to work from home now and then, so why not do that in the nude too?  No Video conferencing though!  And to add a little irony to my life, I now enjoy doing the laundry while naked, which as an added benefit, there is less laundry to do when you wear fewer clothes!
I may bundle up more as the nights grow colder and if I learn any tips to delay the inevitable layers, I'll be sure to share them.

Monday, 12 October 2015

The Naturist Experience

This whole nudist/naturist experience so far has truly been (for lack of a better word) liberating.  Having been to Hanlon's Point a few times now I have begun to question why this is not more common.  If you read my previous posts, you know my biggest draw back to the whole clothing optional beach thing is the "optional" part.  I get that for newbies it can be intimidating especially for women who even though legal almost everywhere to go topless but still face double standards making them uncomfortable to take advantage of this right. But once you go in the buff, you start to notice those around you who are not. Eventually I realised I didn't care, I was there for me, not them, but for those new to this, I can imagine this may scare some away completely
So for those feeling so bold I would suggest you consider a "Naturist Resort".  There are two in the Toronto area.  I've been to one, I plan to try the other, until then I wont attempt to compare the two.

Both are essentially camp grounds with some trailers or Cabins to rent, or you can stop in for the day for about 50$. I thought that seemed a bit pricey but there are deals for families or couples and when you compare to parking and the ferry in Toronto its not that far off.  They have pools and all sorts of other activities and target "family friendly" environments.  I chose Ponderosa first based on proximity only as I live just west of Toronto. 
I honestly wish I had gone here before Hanlon's Point.  I picked the Labour Day Monday to visit as the weather was perfect and this time I wanted a crowd hoping I would be lost in it and not stand out too much.  Wow, was this place jumping.  There was all walks of life, single, couples, families with children, young and old, and while predominantly Caucasian, there was a racial mix as well.  But what really made this a great experience was how friendly they all were.  The staff know you are going to be feeling awkward the first time so they walk you through everything, gave me a mini tour and even introduced me to some "regulars" and a few first timers like myself as well.  I was there less than a minute before I forgot I was naked and was chatting at the bar as if it was any other resort.  Because the pool area is mandatory 100% nude, you don't have the nagging feeling about gawkers or feeling self concious about your body as whatever your body type, you are not alone!  Even though I was there for only a day it felt like a full mini vacation, I read my book in the sun, swam in the pool (still my favourite part), and had a few drinks at the swim up bar.  I even went for a walk in the woods (though not well marked, Ponderosa has a fair amount of trails).
The one thing I did not expect was that the staff were all clothed, which is a bit hypocritical.  I get it for the guy working the kitchen, but the women working the front desk, the guy who gave me the tour, both bartenders, all clothed.  One bartender was in a swimsuit, fine, otherwise, I was completely confused by this.  Other than that, this was an excellent visit.  I had a great time, felt truly comfortable in my own skin, and it even changed my mind set for my next trip to Hanlan's (I'll probably talk about that more in a later post)
One other tip for newbies to a Naturist/Nudist resort. I say this now that summer is over, and most will wait for spring to likely give this a try. If you go on a busy weekend, or generally don't want to stand out too much as a newbie, go earlier in the year. I was by far the only one there with any visible tan lines. I may as well have been wearing a pair of white much for not standing out in the crowd on Labour Day.  Oh well.  I look forward to spring and working to resolve this issue.

One quick word on Bare Oaks.  While Ponderosa was a great experience with excellent facilities and I without a doubt will return. I've not been to Bare Oaks (yet) but what I can tell so far is their web presence is very well done.  Full marks for having a Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and even a blog (go figure).  Use the link I attached near the top of this post and then scroll to the bottom of the home page for links to all their social media accounts as well as some partners pages.  Some of the best resources for newbies I've seen so far so check it out!

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