Monday, 22 February 2016

WinterNude Blues

As someone who did not get into the the whole Naturist experience until the summer was almost over last year, winter has been a tough pill to swallow.  Other than time at home, there are not exactly a lot of options to live the Naturist lifestyle through the winter months in the Great White North.  I finally found a free afternoon last week to visit the Ponderosa Nature Resort which is only a 20-30 min drive away and happens to have an indoor pool.  In previous posts I think I mentioned once or twice that swimming naked is among my very favourite things to do.  $40 was a small price to pay to do laps in the pool without need of swim shorts. Being a weekday afternoon there was only a few other visitors and for a solid hour I essentially had the pool and hot tub to myself. Bliss.  

Having visited Ponderosa before I was not surprised to see the staff fully clothed.  I know its winter but the clubhouse was kept nice and warm and knowing that they also remain clothed during the summer I still find this an abnormality for those promoting the Naturist lifestyle.  One day I'll get the nerve to ask but until then I don't wish to rock the boat.  

As a small break to the Winter Blues, this visit a good dose of medicine, but not the cure.  Spring won't come soon enough for me this year.  Sadly, until then, my Naturist activities will peak at sitting in front of the fireplace with my laptop talking to myself in blog form. 

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