Friday, 5 February 2016

Social Nudity

When I first started writing this blog my motivation was that I could not find a lot about the "human experience" with Naturism / Nudists.  Its not that they are not out there, but they are few and far between and any time you step into a new world, support, clarity and understanding make all the difference.  I have seen a few articles where Journalists write about their first experience with Naturism, and while this has made for some entertaining reading, I found most painted more of a caricature and that the real experience is lost in the need for an entertaining read.  I am not a professional writer, and if anyone was actually reading my posts I am sure I'd be primed for literary feedback so I really shouldn't be too judgemental.

Adding my voice to the conversation has been a benefit personally more so than I thought it would, in a sort of therapeutic way, even if no one is listening.  If they are, I hope it helps them a little too. However seeing as we are now well into the Social Media era, I should not be surprised that the "human experience" gaps could actual be filled, not in traditional journalism, but in Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  Despite the best efforts of such progressive groups as the "Free The Nipple" movement and Young Naturist's of America, most social media still chooses to block the natural human body as an obscenity or pornography, rather than the true human form that should be celebrated. That being said, they remain a useful tool for someone like myself, looking for some clarity and support. 

The two resorts nearest me that I've already mentioned several times, Ponderosa, and Bare Oaks, both have increased their social media presence on Facebook and Twitter to promote their resorts.  Bare Oaks also have an Instagram page.  My experience so far with Facebook is that its great for straight information, what/when are things going on etc, but its in Twitter, and to my utmost surprise Instagram, that I have found actual Naturism experiences being shared.  And its amazing to see like minded people share photos of themselves and their friends au natural, conveniently angled or shadowed (there is even an app for that) to meet silly conservative guidelines.  When you add to those pictures the comments that go with them, its amazing the stories you begin to see.  People of all shapes, colours, genders, going on amazing adventures, seeing incredible sights, and the general feeling of freedom they experience. They don't always tell the full story but what I have taken away from them so far is that this journey I am on, while I might be travelling solo, I am not alone.  And that feeling of community with other Naturists is something that encourages me and inspires me to keep moving forward, be happy with who I am and who I want to be.
I suggest you check out some of the following Naturists, groups, individuals, and artists, on Instagram, you will likely take something different away from them than I have, but I am sure it will be positive.

Disclaimer: I do not know anyone of the below people or groups personally, I've only seen them on Instagram and found them inspiring. Take from it as you may

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