Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Winter Blues

So far its been a mild winter, I have been lucky enough to be living the Naturist lifestyle most of the time when I am home.  Most days I have been so bold as to keep the majority of my window shutters open with a few exceptions out of respect for the nearby neighbours.  We have had a mild winter so far with plenty of sunny days, making up for being unable to venture out into the more public naturist world.  
I have not made it out yet to Ponderosa resort and made use of their indoor pool sadly. They are not that far a drive but finding time has been difficult, I truly want to check this out. Swimming is the one thing that stands out for me that makes naturism enjoyable. Not to say I don't enjoy the feeling on a hot sunny day at the beach or even watching TV in the buff at home.  But to swim at Hanlans Point and the couple of visits I made to the outdoor pool at Ponderosa, that's what has got me hooked on naturism up to this point.  And having discovered this so late in the season last year, I really can't wait for summer this year more than any before.
There is also a " GTA Skinny Dippers" club in Toronto, I'll have to give one of their events a try after work one night as that may be easier to work into my schedule.  I promise to update once I do try either Ponderosa or GTA Skinny Dippers out as a winter alternative.  Until then a few tips on home winter naturism.

  1. Be considerate of your neighbours, this is for you, not them, so keep windows with an easy view covered.  I keep all the back windows uncovered though as I am lucky to have a ravine behind my home keeping the nearest home at a distance.  Best time for open shutters is when the sun is on the window, you get some vitamin D, and the reflection makes it difficult for outsiders to  see in
  2. On colder days, a sweater and warm slippers make up for a lack of pants really well.
  3. Nude under a blanket still feels nude, so when watching TV or reading, this is a good compromise.
  4. There are options outside if you can find the time (unlike me).  Ponderosa has an indoor pool, GTA Skinny Dippers plans events at local pools and even bowling if thats your thing.  Bare Oaks has a large indoor hottub, and they were promoting a Naturist event at a Museum in Kitchener, so options exist, take advantage of them!

If it turns out anyone is actually reading this and I am not just talking to myself, I would appreciate feed back on the National naturist organizations, and is membership worth it?  Comment or contact me directly via the blog.  I know some resorts/clubs offer discounts to members of these organizations, so is it worth it?  $50 CDN a year for the Federation of Canadian Naturists.  I'd love to hear back.

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