Thursday, 18 May 2017

The Novelty of Nudity

The first time I felt the sun on my naked skin at Toronto Islands Hanlans Point, the buildup of excitement as I approached the beach, I remember the rush of adrenaline as I got undressed, it was so exhilarating I knew immediately I was hooked.  The feeling does not fade much either.  Maybe it is because I dont frequent a naturist beach, or a resort, or events as often as I like, but when I do each time I feel very similar to that first sunny day on Toronto Island.  I dont think I am alone in this.  When at the GTA Skinny-dippersnude bowling event last month, the woman who asked Are we good? and then quickly undressed in a single motion, she felt it too, it was obvious in the grin on her face, and that memory will stay with me for a long time. 
At first I thought this rush was because to most people, at one point myself included, thought that naturism was taboo, a remnant of the 60s hippie counter culture, or worse a kinky thing for swingers.  And like anytime you do something a little bit naughty you get a rush so I assumed that is what I was feeling. I know now I was wrong, It was not because it taboo or naughty, I no longer see things that way yet the feeling is the same. My interpretation was skewed, it is more like the rush you get playing a competitive game or sport or really any hobby. Excitement builds as you ready for the first pitch in baseball, and the joy when the ball hits the glove, the crowd gets into it.  No different than planning a night out with friends or a vacation, and so on.  And as soon as the game is over, like when you say goodbye to friends or return from vacation, you already look forward to the next time.
As a way to extend that feeling, I like to find the joy not just in being nude, but in the novelty of what I do while happily unhindered by clothes. I have actually thought a lot about this topic of late and probably mentioned it in previous posts. It has been even more top of mind as the weather has grown warmer the last few weeks and we even have a forecast of 27C today in the Toronto area. Automatically you think of the traditional naturist activities. Being outside and going for a walk in the forest, a game of volleyball, or swimming which is by far my personal favorite naturist activity.  These activities are fun on their own, and doing them while naked just enhances the experience. I however only have so many opportunities to be a naturist in nature. This work/life balance thing seems to lean more to work than life these days sadly.  As such I use every opportunity to be clothes free when I am at home and there are plenty of the more mundane activities, the things I would often put off doing or wish I could, that are somehow made less mundane and more of a novelty simply by doing them while naked. 

Household chores are a perfect example. You can spend an entire day sometimes just keeping a home clean. Vacuuming, sweeping, dusting. All things I hate. But all of these are done naked now and I tend to smile the whole time. Some of the dirtier jobs like dishes, mopping and cleaning bathrooms actually make sense to do naked. On weekends when I wake up I dont bother with the usual shower to start my day.  Instead this is when I clean the bathrooms and mop floors, only once I am done do I hop in the shower. This means I save washing those clothes I would undoubtedly want to change out of had I worn them while cleaning and splashed dirty water etcetera on them.  This leads to fewer loads of laundry and  your clothes will last longer, yet another naturist advantage over textiles. It is hard to escape the irony of being naked while folding laundry. Even ironing clothes is ideal naked. Yesterday before work I ironed my shirt and pants and immediately put them on, then walked out the door.  So simple.  I also enjoy those moments when I have textile visitors who make comments like How does a single male living alone manage to keep such a clean and tidy home?

Recently a lot of media covered the Bunyadi restaurant in London UK. Opened as temporary pop-up restaurant as a sort of social experiment. They offered vegan and non-vegan uncooked meals and the dress code as Optional.  The idea being natural food, in your natural state.  Even the staff wore only discreate underwear (bottoms only) for legal hygiene reasons.  So successful the waiting list was over 46000 people long, and while planned as only temporary, plans are underway for a permanent location which I hope is up and running for my next trip across the pond.  Not that I have to travel that far to enjoy food naked.  I regularly eat while naked at home, and guess who makes those meals? I am not going to get dressed to cook the meal, then disrobe once I am done, so cooking naked is also a daily thing for me too. I do cheat here a little, bacon or anything in a frying pan is hazardous so I break out an apron. I always pack a picnic lunch when I make the trip down to Port Burwell. Otherwise I am putting on clothes, making the 15 minute walk to my car, 10 minute drive to town, 30-40 minutes to have your meal, then the 10 minute drive and 15 minute walk back to the beach…….that is time I could have been naked.  Same applies for visiting the local naturist clubs, Bare Oaks and Ponderosa. I always plan to eat there, both serve fresh food like sandwiches and burgers, why wouldnt I take advantage.  I remember while at Bare Oaks, enjoying a drumstick ice cream cone, I dripped some ice cream down what would have been my shirt, quick dip in the pond, problem solved. I thought to myself how did I miss out on this for so long.

Another item getting lots of media attention is sleeping naked.  The good people of Facebook are always sharing yet another news article covering yet another study about the benefits of sleeping naked.  I have not worn anything to bed in several years.  I use to have a significant problem with insomnia and it didnt occur to me until very recently how long it had been since I had any issues with insomnia. I realized that the last time I had a row of nights in a row without a good nights sleep was before I started sleeping naked. I sleep more comfortably, I am cooler in the summer, yet dont feel bothered in the winter.

I thought I would save the best for last.  I am fairly fortunate that my job allows me some flexibility and I am able to work remotely from home.  This means I often work naked which I can say is a hell of a good way to improve job satisfaction. Ever been on a long winded, time waster of a conference call? Think how happy you would be, no one has a clue the guy on the other end is completely naked.  Sometimes someone will joke that the people working from home could still be in their pajamas, which I have admitted to, as it is true in a
way.  Ever seen a business with a sign that says No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service.  They dont even mention pants. So on the rare occasion I am needed on a video conference I throw on a shirt, but thats it.  Just dont forget to close the screen before you stand up! Works gets done, and I smile more than my textile colleagues. Its a win win. 

I could honestly go on for pages.  I have one friend who we always watch movies at home in the nude. We watched hockey playoffs together several times this year and wore only our team jerseys (Go Leafs Go!). We even painted a room in her condo naked, was a bit of work getting the occasional drip of paint off my body.not to mention someone eventually gets a large spot of paint on the other accidentally. I am sure some of you reading this have a few of these activities in mind as well. Id love to hear from the nude yoga folks.  I have never tried Yoga, but as with bowling, I may give it a try just to see it from a naked perspective.The point is once you try anything naked you start to wonder, why you wore clothes for that activity to begin with, why didnt I think of this sooner, and what else should I be doing naked????  Clothes have their functions, but outside the function I no longer bother unless required.  

Hope you are enjoying my blog posts, I will keep them coming even if you don`t. Stay Naked! 

The Bunyadi Naked Restaurant -
Bare Oaks -
Ponderosa Nature Resort -

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Naked Bowling, Who Knew?

When I began my naturist journey it was largely a solo endeavor. With a rare exception, when I visit a nude/clothing optional beach or Ponderosa or Bare Oaks I tend to arrive alone, after years or travelling solo for work it far from bothers me. This does not mean I dont enjoy chatting with others when I do visit naturist places, or that I dont try to convince a close friend to join me every time I go, just that I am happy either way. 
Some time ago when looking for new ways/places to experience naturism I came across the GTA Skinny Dippers.  This group organizes events , mainly swimming at local pools, during the long Canadian winter so we Northern Nudes can shake some of the winter blues.  The one thing that truly got me hooked on naturism was swimming nude. It feels natural, no clinging swimsuit afterwards, and in the summer no tan lines (so vain, I know). Fate sadly has not allowed me to attend one of their swims yet, but when Nude Bowling showed up on their calendar and I actually had a clear day on my usually swamped weekend schedule, off I went!
I only live 15-20 minutes away from the event which worked out nice. Being excited I arrived really early, saw a large kids party still going strong so I was forced to wait patiently at the nearby coffee shop (never a Tim Hortons too far away in Canada).  I have to say the guy who ran the event had his ducks in a row, windows started being covered as soon, if not before, the previous party cleared, there was an easy signup, pay your admission, get a free pen (thank you very much!) and then just wait for the all clear.  While waiting you were able to sign your name to a lane, being on my own I told the guy to place me at random to a lane that was short on people, I felt this was the easiest way to meet new people rather than wandering around asking who had room in their lane. 

Clothes Off, Smiles On

As everyone waited for the go ahead to get undressed, people were already chatting and introducing themselves to others, one guy was having a hard time waiting, he had unbuttoned his shirt when he arrived, or maybe he came that way, whatever. Finally, one woman walked near the front, asked are we good?.  I didnt hear the reply but I didnt have to, in one continuous motion her dress was over her head and like the starting flag at a race everyone followed her lead.  So there I am, in a bowling alley and naked except for my socks, bowling shoes, and a baseball cap. I am surrounded by my fellow naturists, I would guess 70 at least, all smiles, all excited to socialize and bowl.  It did not take long to get past any awkwardness or worry when it came to actually bowling without clothes.  Bowling, as with most things I am discovering, is no different when naked, and the novelty of it makes it more enjoyable if you ask me.  It was an added bonus as it was 5-Pin bowling which is a uniquely Canadian version of the game that I dont think I have played before.
The social aspect of it was amazing. I shared a lane with a group mixed with both first timers to this event, a couple regulars, and one gent who was still in his first few months of trying naturism.  This mix drove a lot of our initial conversation, How long have you been a Naturist?, What clubs, beaches have you been to or go to frequently? Do your family and friends know?.  This only went on for a short time and before long we were well into the standard banter you would expect when a group of people go bowling.  I have to give some credit to the staff at Streetsville Bowl, they were very professional.  At no point did I feel awkward when dealing with them, nor did I get a feeling it was awkward for them either.  Even the banter with the bartender was just another day at the bowling alley. I wonder if they were naturists themselves, or otherwise they maybe had worked enough of these events they are not fazed by it anymore. Or maybe social nudity is just not as shocking as it once was (one can hope).
One of the main highlights in a night of highlights for me was when going through some introductions someone says Will? As in Will Canada?. There is no shortage of conversation online between naturists and knowing some I have become friendly with on Facebook etc. may attend this event I was hoping to put faces to some names as it were.  It was wonderful to be able to actually do that and actually get a few games of bowling in with them too. 

Oh and then there was the bowling……

About the actual bowling, as someone who has not bowled in years, and never 5-Pin bowled at all, I think I did alright.  I never won a game, but didnt come in last either. I managed to get a few strikes in so I was rather happy.  I do have to admit I was a bit sore the next day.  Not I cant feel my legs sore, but there was some aches and pains for sure. I dont remember bowling be that physical demanding a sport but there you are.  It could have been worse, I like to think that being naked allowed me more natural, freer movement, which meant I was actually avoiding further strains had my body been restricted in its movements by the tyranny of fabric.  Makes complete sense. Everything is just better naked (except cooking bacon)

I also want to note that I made it through the entire night, and this blog (until now) without a single balls, pins, or gutter joke.  This above all else is a significant accomplishment for me in any state of dress.

Special thanks to GTA Skinny Dippers for putting the event together, and to Streetsville Bowl for the use of their facility. This was a check on my bucket list and I am really looking forward to attending future events.

I added a few new places to my Naturist Canada Map and expanded some details based on feedback from people who have actually viewed it.  Yes, they do exist.

Stay Naked my friends!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Nude Adventures

I have been spending a considerable amount of time this winter planning out not only when to get out in the Naturist world, but how to make the most of it.  I have been researching some local Naturist Resorts as well as both official and unofficial nude or clothing optional beaches and happily there are more than I realized.  You will still find me at Port Burwell, Ponderosa and the like, I even think I will give Wasaga Beach another try, but I intend to branch out this summer
In Canada you really have to dig for information in some cases however so I put some of my research to use and created my own map via Google to track some naturist locations I have been to or plan to in the future.  I actually made it public so if you have any interest in checking it out you will find it HERE.  I have focused mostly on areas close to home as well as places near destinations I am heading to this year (Winnipeg, Halifax, Ottawa) but I am only just starting, so please feel free to send my ideas or corrections via Facebook or Twitter or even the comments option below.
I have also found similar maps by the Federation of Canadian Naturists that lists all their member club locations, and NaturistWorld if you are looking more abroad.  I am actually hoping to attend a Conference in the UK this fall and if so fortunate I will be tacking on a few extra days to visit one of their many nude beaches, resorts, and even a nude restaurant in the middle of London, not that you cant eat in the nude at any naturist resort, but still something worth checking out.

That brings me to the "make the most of it" part. Sure I like a simple swim or hike au natural, in fact if I had nothing else to do in the nude that would be enough.  But there is so much more out there and why wouldn't I give some new things a try like a nude restaurant in London if given the opportunity. Once again Facebook has been my friend here as the various naturist groups and their events pages are a wealth of ideas.  So on top of a planned camping trip to Bare Oaks, I also plan to take part in their 5K nude fun run on July 3rd.  I have never done anything like 5K with clothes on so this will be a double bucket list item for me.  Nude Bowling? Why not? Only today I discovered GTA Skinnydippers is having another nude bowling event in April. I have been unlucky with the timing of their events so far this winter but this event is a must try for me. They were even featured on Naked Clubs YouTube Channel last time out.
Everyone should have a little adventure in their life.  And becoming/being a naturist for me has truly been an adventure that is only getting better.

Just for fun here are a few of my Naked Adventures "Bucket List" for this coming year.

  • Camping at a Naturist Resort
  • Get my friend Tara to visit a Naturist Resort
  • Bare Oaks 5k Nude Fun Run
  • Nude Bowling
  • Nudist Abroad - Long shot but Britain is a (cold) possibility in the fall.
  • Cap d'Agde (Maybe I will win the lotto???)
As always, comments are welcome, stay naked my friends! 

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

New Hope for Ontario Nudists and Naturists?

I have a couple things I felt compelled to update from some of my previous posts on this blog as new information has come to light and I have time to share it.  I previously lamented in those blog updates that the naturist / nudist world in Southern Ontario was taking couple steps backwards. But thankfully there may be some hope. It’s amazing how much you can find out while waiting for a very much delayed flight.

The first item I wanted to update was about Hanlans Point, which is the only sanctioned public clothing optional beach in Ontario, one of only two in the whole country sadly.  My last few visits to Hanlans Point were less than enjoyable as I found the clothing optional portion had more "textiles" than naturists or even the clothing mandatory side did for that matter. And of those "textiles" the vast majority were apparently there to gawk rather than show any interest in experiencing the joys of outdoor nudity.  Their loss I say
As such, I have essentially written off this as an option for me. For either the cost of a day pass at one of two area naturist resorts, or the drive to Port Burwell (where a short walk from the provincial park gets you to private land where naturists are welcomed) you get all the naturism and none of the gawkers.
I still have hope for Hanlans however more support is needed.  A petition (Click Here) has been started proposing to the local councillor Pam McConnell that the city should partition the beach into three sections: nude mandatory, clothing optional, and clothing mandatory.  There is only 51 signatures on the online petition so far but hopefully some of you will actually read this and it can gain some momentum.   Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed.

Next I move a bit North to Wasaga Beach, where there was a small but growing movement to make part of the secluded eastern beach at the Provincial Park that was already being frequently used by naturists, legally a nude beach. 
I made two separate attempts to find the nude beach area (once on a weekday, again on a weekend in case I had missed something) and found nothing but signs warning that nudity is prohibited.  When I sought help from the Facebook group “Wasagabares” that promoted and supported the naturist use of this beach I found it went dormant around May of 2016. Thus I gave up on Wasaga beach as an option and moved on however perhaps I did so too soon.  A recent article (View Here) was shared by a friend on Facebook that not only gave me hope that the cause was not lost, but also explained the dormant Wasagabares group.
I turns out that in May 2016, John Cropper, who is the force behind Wasaga Bares, was charged with "engaging in a prohibited activity" at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park. Now at first glance this could be seen as the end of the dream but if you read the article, John is taking the fight to court in hopes it will set a legal precedent and thus benefit us all. It also explains why the Wasaga Bares page went silent, John may be avoiding it to prevent it impacting his legal battle.  In either case, this gives me some hope and I truly hope he is successful.  

If you live in or visit either Toronto or Southern Ontario as a whole and want more information and possible updates on these two subjects I would suggest you check out the below Facebook groups.  You can also follow my blog or my twitter account @NudeInCanada

Stay naked friends!

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The Novelty of Nudity

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