Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Tale of Two "Unofficial" Beaches

Used a weeks vacation last week to get out there and be a naturist in the world.  Another visit to Ponderosa Family Naturist Park north of Hamilton Ontario went amazing as always. Other than a few textile employees and the hiking trails being less than well marked, I can't speak highly enough about my experiences there. And without any of the gawkers like Hanlan's Point.  
However I was determined to look at some of the alternatives. As I have previously mentioned, I am not able to frequent Ponderosa as often as I'd like, so the cost of membership is not economical enough, and single say use of $50 each adds up quickly as well.  And while convenient and only a $15 ferry ride away from my office, Hanlan's is fine for weekdays, but crowded and uncomfortable on weekends.  So I did some reasearch and decided to give two "unofficial" nude/clothing optional beaches a try.

First I made the trip to Wasaga beach, where the Wasagabares have been unoffically
using the eastern beach in the Provincial Park as an unofficial clothing optional beach for many years and recently looked to have made some progress in getting the city to sanction the beach (even if only on a trial basis) only to have it overturned soon after.  Only about an hour and 30 minute drive away, and free to visit other than $5-$10 for parking, Wasaga was an ideal first choice, at least until I got there.  I walked the entire length of the beach, which is no small task, its the longest fresh water beach in the world, including as far east as I could go into the provincial park and saw no signs of the Wasagabares signs or people themselves.  Had I picked a bad day?  The beach was certainly crowded enough with textiles, so how was I the only naturist?  
When I did get the the eastern extent of the Provincial Park it was mostly empty with only a few people, I was able to find an isolated area where I considered being the one naturist there, but then I saw the sign "Public Nudity Prohibited" and my heart sank. Maybe I was not looking in the right place but after some further exploring to no avail, and an overpriced lunch along the main drag,  I called it a disappointing day.

Never one to give up easy, I headed for my next destination the very next day.  At over two hours drive away, Port Burwell Provincial Park  is far from the most convenient option. Add in a $14.50 entry fee and its no cheaper than Hanlan's Point either. However after following the tips seen online, I parked at lot #5, and walked all the way west along the shore for 15 minutes until I saw the Park Boundary Sign and a group of other naturists.  I was unable to contain myself and disrobed on the spot before walking another 5 minutes or so up the beach where I found a nice spot with some shade and set up shop.  There was maybe 20 other people there, mostly couples and single men like myself, scattered across a very large stretch of beach.  Turns out this area is "Private" land and the owner has no issues with Naturists making use of their land.
Port Burwell Provincial Park Beach,
taken looking away from the Naturist beach so as not to upset the naked people
While the beach is scattered with driftwood, and is not quite as nice as Wasaga beach.  It is still a beautiful place with plenty of space to explore.  By the time I had to make my way home the crowd had grown to about 100 people, some being social, some in their own world, all free to enjoy the world, it was wonderful.  So wonderful that as I walked back I was well into the Provincial Park boundary when a fellow naturist called out and reminded me I'd have to put some clothes on.  Their group all had a laugh at my expense as I begrudgingly put my shorts back on and headed home.

I'll likely be back again later in the summer, and if my plans to camp at Bare Oaks don't pan out this will be my second choice.  What a great day!

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