Wednesday, 11 January 2017

New Hope for Ontario Nudists and Naturists?

I have a couple things I felt compelled to update from some of my previous posts on this blog as new information has come to light and I have time to share it.  I previously lamented in those blog updates that the naturist / nudist world in Southern Ontario was taking couple steps backwards. But thankfully there may be some hope. It’s amazing how much you can find out while waiting for a very much delayed flight.

The first item I wanted to update was about Hanlans Point, which is the only sanctioned public clothing optional beach in Ontario, one of only two in the whole country sadly.  My last few visits to Hanlans Point were less than enjoyable as I found the clothing optional portion had more "textiles" than naturists or even the clothing mandatory side did for that matter. And of those "textiles" the vast majority were apparently there to gawk rather than show any interest in experiencing the joys of outdoor nudity.  Their loss I say
As such, I have essentially written off this as an option for me. For either the cost of a day pass at one of two area naturist resorts, or the drive to Port Burwell (where a short walk from the provincial park gets you to private land where naturists are welcomed) you get all the naturism and none of the gawkers.
I still have hope for Hanlans however more support is needed.  A petition (Click Here) has been started proposing to the local councillor Pam McConnell that the city should partition the beach into three sections: nude mandatory, clothing optional, and clothing mandatory.  There is only 51 signatures on the online petition so far but hopefully some of you will actually read this and it can gain some momentum.   Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed.

Next I move a bit North to Wasaga Beach, where there was a small but growing movement to make part of the secluded eastern beach at the Provincial Park that was already being frequently used by naturists, legally a nude beach. 
I made two separate attempts to find the nude beach area (once on a weekday, again on a weekend in case I had missed something) and found nothing but signs warning that nudity is prohibited.  When I sought help from the Facebook group “Wasagabares” that promoted and supported the naturist use of this beach I found it went dormant around May of 2016. Thus I gave up on Wasaga beach as an option and moved on however perhaps I did so too soon.  A recent article (View Here) was shared by a friend on Facebook that not only gave me hope that the cause was not lost, but also explained the dormant Wasagabares group.
I turns out that in May 2016, John Cropper, who is the force behind Wasaga Bares, was charged with "engaging in a prohibited activity" at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park. Now at first glance this could be seen as the end of the dream but if you read the article, John is taking the fight to court in hopes it will set a legal precedent and thus benefit us all. It also explains why the Wasaga Bares page went silent, John may be avoiding it to prevent it impacting his legal battle.  In either case, this gives me some hope and I truly hope he is successful.  

If you live in or visit either Toronto or Southern Ontario as a whole and want more information and possible updates on these two subjects I would suggest you check out the below Facebook groups.  You can also follow my blog or my twitter account @NudeInCanada

Stay naked friends!

Hanlans Nudists/Naturists

Ontario Naturists

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