Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Nude Adventures

I have been spending a considerable amount of time this winter planning out not only when to get out in the Naturist world, but how to make the most of it.  I have been researching some local Naturist Resorts as well as both official and unofficial nude or clothing optional beaches and happily there are more than I realized.  You will still find me at Port Burwell, Ponderosa and the like, I even think I will give Wasaga Beach another try, but I intend to branch out this summer
In Canada you really have to dig for information in some cases however so I put some of my research to use and created my own map via Google to track some naturist locations I have been to or plan to in the future.  I actually made it public so if you have any interest in checking it out you will find it HERE.  I have focused mostly on areas close to home as well as places near destinations I am heading to this year (Winnipeg, Halifax, Ottawa) but I am only just starting, so please feel free to send my ideas or corrections via Facebook or Twitter or even the comments option below.
I have also found similar maps by the Federation of Canadian Naturists that lists all their member club locations, and NaturistWorld if you are looking more abroad.  I am actually hoping to attend a Conference in the UK this fall and if so fortunate I will be tacking on a few extra days to visit one of their many nude beaches, resorts, and even a nude restaurant in the middle of London, not that you cant eat in the nude at any naturist resort, but still something worth checking out.

That brings me to the "make the most of it" part. Sure I like a simple swim or hike au natural, in fact if I had nothing else to do in the nude that would be enough.  But there is so much more out there and why wouldn't I give some new things a try like a nude restaurant in London if given the opportunity. Once again Facebook has been my friend here as the various naturist groups and their events pages are a wealth of ideas.  So on top of a planned camping trip to Bare Oaks, I also plan to take part in their 5K nude fun run on July 3rd.  I have never done anything like 5K with clothes on so this will be a double bucket list item for me.  Nude Bowling? Why not? Only today I discovered GTA Skinnydippers is having another nude bowling event in April. I have been unlucky with the timing of their events so far this winter but this event is a must try for me. They were even featured on Naked Clubs YouTube Channel last time out.
Everyone should have a little adventure in their life.  And becoming/being a naturist for me has truly been an adventure that is only getting better.

Just for fun here are a few of my Naked Adventures "Bucket List" for this coming year.

  • Camping at a Naturist Resort
  • Get my friend Tara to visit a Naturist Resort
  • Bare Oaks 5k Nude Fun Run
  • Nude Bowling
  • Nudist Abroad - Long shot but Britain is a (cold) possibility in the fall.
  • Cap d'Agde (Maybe I will win the lotto???)
As always, comments are welcome, stay naked my friends! 


  1. I just wanted to know if you can recommend a good nudist place in North Carolina?

    1. I have never been to one but I am sure you can find one, I did a google search and even on the Wikipedia page there are a couple listed so they do exist

    2. AANR East has a website that lists landed and non-landed nudist/naturist areas by state all along the east coast and parts of Canada.

    3. Add to your bucket list:

      Nude Volleyball at Ponderosa, 7-9 July, all levels, camp nude too.see website

  2. Re:Volleyball, invite "Tara" along, it's a great weekend, see you there. I'm the one nude, lol.


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