Sunday, 4 December 2016

Naked with Friends + Random Thoughts

I don’t exactly have a lot to write about once the colder weather sets in.  I do tend to post on Facebook and Seen Life more frequently where it is easier to post short posts like “Worked naked from home today”.  But I have a few items that I can group together that would not normally warrant individual posts dedicated to the subject.  I really do enjoy sharing my naturist experiences, hopefully it has some value to others to read them as well.

Naked With Friends

First, a little update on being nude with friends.  A little while back my friend Tara who accompanied me to the Nude beach at Port Burwell and who much to my surprise actually joined me in being nude (This was unexpected, check out the post here if you did not read it already).  After that day we didn’t get opportunities to try this again as we often see each other in mixed company with textiles or out in public places. Last month we planned to watch the hockey game at my place, she called to say she was on her way and I said “If you don’t mind, let yourself in so I needn’t bother putting clothes on”. Gladly she didn’t mind, and when she did arrive I greeted her with the customary hug which was surprisingly NOT awkward at all given that I was naked and she was clothed.
That changed for the better as soon after she asked if I would feel more comfortable if she also removed her clothes.  For the record, I had no issues with Tara remaining clothed, I even asked if she would be more comfortable if I put something on feeling her question may have implied I had crossed some line in her mind by not getting dressed before she arrived.  Fortunately this was not the case, she got undressed, and two platonic friends watched a hockey game, ate some pizza, drank a couple beers, and then she went home, all in a completely nonsexual nude environment.  We have since agreed when just the two of us at either of our homes, we will go sans clothes and take advantage of the accepting environment when we have it.  So now even a movie night or game night with my closest friend is a truly naked experience.

Single Naked Male
The second thing I want to cover is actually about another blog.  Specifically Felicity’s blog on the YNA website.  I am a big fan of her blog but this one I found really interesting as the topic was about being single and male in a naturist environment. Felicity is neither single nor male and yet she covered this topic incredibly well in my opinion.  It’s not always easy being the single guy at a naturist park.  Parents and single women all seem a little suspicious of single guy and I cannot entirely blame them.  I do think that is ultimately counterproductive to discriminate against allowing single men or even trying to maintain some kind of quota/balance at resorts but I understand the motive to keep a place as safe and comfortable for all as you possibly can.  From my personal perspective it would be amazing to meet a woman who is a naturist who could become a partner as it could be difficult to introduce a potential partner to the naturist world.  Although which would actually be more difficult is probably debatable.  Maybe one day if I am able to become more regular or even a member, but for now I will refrain from pursuing a more personal relationship when I visit Ponderosa or Bare Oaks so as to ensure I don’t make anyone uncomfortable, I’d feel horrible.  

Group Outings

I have yet to take part in any group swims organised by the GTA Skinny Dippers group, I was especially disappointed I could not attend their naked bowling event which sounded like great fun.  One pool they regularly use has an impressive water slide I want to try, I am such a kid at heart sometimes! There is an indoor volleyball tournament in London Ontario each January, the same week sadly I regularly attend an annual industry conference so won’t be able to attend this year either. I hear the Kitchener Museum does a nude art exhibit but cannot seem to find info on an upcoming event as I would take vacation time for that event.  If I find anything I will post it though.  

Social Nudia
And finally, Facebook has been a great asset for finding like minded naturists and expand my network as it were.  There are even specific groups committed to promoting naturism and dispelling the myths that it is just some sexual deviants running around with no clothes on.  But with the good comes the bad.  Daily I get requests from some person asking me to send them naked pictures, or to do a naked video chat.  Sorry but naturism is NOT about sex, I am not interested in showing off my naked self on the internet. I am not an exhibitionist (no judgement if you are though, you be you!), I just personally hate wearing clothes unless required.  I am also not an idiot and know that a fair to high percentage of those requests are actually from people who mean to do harm and either shame or blackmail poor souls who knew no better.  It would be nice if there were better social media platforms for naturists.  So far all the ones I have checked out are either nude dating sites or are borderline pornographic, no thanks.  For now I will stick with Facebook, Twitter (which is a little more relaxed) and I still have hope for Seen Life but with the number of right wing religious nutters who try to get me to support their racist church or attend a Donald Trump rally, I am losing hope for even this non censored site fast. 

If you know of an alternative please comment or message me, would love to hear it.

And as always, if you liked my blog or have feedback, I'd love to hear it!

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