Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Naturist in Nature......Almost

It's been a been a bit of an up and down spring as far as temperature goes and I have only once been a proper Naturist in nature this spring, which is ultimately the point.   But with better weather in the forecast I am reviewing my Options to shed the clothes outdoors.

Hanlan's Point is legally the only clothing optional public place in Southern Ontario where I live. For the cost of the ferry (15$ round trip) plus parking or Transit, its a great option, but as a clothing optional beach there is a chance for gawkers which I have commented on in previous posts.  Forecast on the Island hits 20C next week, not great but very tempting.

Wasage Beach has been getting some attention in the news of late. Personally I was getting excited that the "WasagaBares" were getting some traction on a Clothing Optional section at Wasaga Beach however the local council and Ontario Parks (who owns that portion of the beach) are both going back and forth on their support of the idea. Click HERE to read more on that in the news.  Unofficially people have been going au natural there for years so for the brave its a low cost option (aka FREE) provided you don't get a fine should the police decide to enforce the law that day which is apparently very rare.  Forecast hits up to 23C next week, not bad. Down side of gawkers here too.

Inland the forecast is saying as high as 28C so this may mean the two nearest fully nude resorts are the best option, Ponderosa  or maybe even make the drive out to Bare Oaks finally.  Both resorts charge around 50$ for a single day visit (discounts for couples/families though) which is fair for what they offer, but steep for those of us with fixed incomes and schedules that don't make becoming a full member viable.  Both resorts offer fully nude environments (with the exception of staff at Ponderosa which confuses me to no end) with all the comforts you want (pools, restaurants, bathrooms etc) without the "optional" risk of gawkers.  Both offer lots of info for Newbie Nudists so check out their websites or on social media.

For at least another week I remain a nudist indoors, however I look forward to getting some all over vitamin D very soon.

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