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Hiking, Naked in Nature

This is my first blog post on the new wordpress page. Still playing around with it so the look and layout is likely to change a few times in the near future. I am also posting to my blogspot page as well until I decide which platform I like better. Any feedback on the old versus new page, or the blog in general please don't hesitate to contact me.
My naturist activities are primarily restricted to our home, with occasional visits to Bare Oaks, Ponderosa, and Port Burwell.  The reality today is that for the vast majority of naturists, we must eventually put clothes on to take part in most day to day activities.  Because of this I do my best to make the most of every opportunity I can however I don't tend to be one to push the envelope as it were, I am no rebel or activist. The only time I have really pushed any boundaries was recently driving home nude from Port Burwell and if you read my previous blog you would know I don't feel that had anything to do with naturism, it was just juvenile fun with my girlfriend.

ne of the activities that both my girlfriend and I enjoy, as naturists or textiles, is hiking. In Ontario there are endless trails for hiking at every level, naturist hiking trails on the other hand, are virtually non existent . The two Naturist parks near Toronto both have hiking / nature trails but they are limited at best.  If you enjoy wandering in the forest for fresh air, panoramic views and just immersing yourself in nature, your only real option (legally) is to put some pants on. Recently the weather was warmer than typical for Canadian Autumn and we decided to take advantage of it even if it was a weekday. My work schedule means I sometimes have days off during the regular work week and the timing was perfect. Tara had to be a little devious and play hooky using a "sick" day but it was worth it just to get outdoors a little bit before we started our winter hibernation.

e planned for an afternoon hike, giving the sun time to warm up a little.  Sleeping in, taking our time with breakfast, it was almost noon when we got in the car and after one o'clock by the time we got to our destination. There are plenty of city trails where we live, however this time we wanted to see the full fall colours and headed inland to a conservation area we know to have amazing views and a variety of trails. When we arrived it appeared we were the only ones there.
bootsThe parking lot was empty and the front gate was not even staffed. Happy to have the trails to ourselves, and not having to pay an entry fee, we grabbed our backpacks and off we went. To begin with it was just another day hiking. Mostly sunny with only a few clouds, it warmed up quickly and began to feel much warmer then the weather app on my phone suggested it actually was. At this point I decided to be a truly bold naturist for the first time. Knowing this was a remote park, arriving after lunch without another car in the lot, I was confident we were the only too humans around for many kilometres. The isolation combined with maybe a little too much sun put a thought in my head that I honestly had not considered previously, and I asked Tara if she would be comfortable with me taking my clothes off and hiking naked at this very much NOT a clothing optional park? Knowing her as well as I do, this was a silly question, she is never one to hold someone back form being adventurous. I did ask her to join me but she decided against it.  So we continued on, Tara still dressed, myself wearing only a hat, socks, boots and a backpack.  Swimming still ranks at the top of may favourite naked activities, but there is something to be said about hiking without the hindrance of clothes. That feeling of the sun and a breeze on your skin is just amazing. Then there is the absence of sweaty clothes sticking to you, its just so much more comfortable. We mainly stayed to the developed trails with only a short trip on a more advance hiking trail. One of the drawbacks of the more rugged trails while nude is I have a couple of scrapes and scratches in spots normally better protected in some manor. Nothing too serious or sensitive, and I have no regrets, but it turns out clothes can be functional even if not as much fun.

ou will often hear naturists say that naturism is not just about being naked, it's about a connection with nature and that nudity is a medium of that connection. On the surface it sounds like something someone who never made it out of the 60's would say and I was never sure if I fully agreed or disagreed with that way of thinking.  When you get out there and experience nature like this though it can be hard to argue with that logic. It was a great afternoon and it only got better from here.
One of the reasons we chose this park it that there are multiple trails with several streams and even a couple small waterfalls. Its a very tranquil location in general. When we came across a waterfall that was tall enough to stand under, I took advantage and shedding my remaining textiles of my hat ,socks and boots, and I had a mini naturist shower to cool off. I could tell Tara was really jealous of my nudity at this moment more than any other during the day. I also know everyone has there own comfort levels in life and naturism is no different.  So I refrained from making any comments like "no one is around" or "you know you want to". Also not forgetting I was currently breaking the law and if a nice family with children were to stroll by at any time, I would have some explaining to do.  Instead I suggested she join me, clothes and all, we had plenty of time to dry off before we head for home. In a previous life, one before I was a naturist, this conversation would have been no different. I was never one to miss an opportunity and I have gone head first into a number of lakes, rivers and the like over the years, not worrying about getting my clothes a little wet. It was clear she was considering it so I left her to think about it while I enjoyed probably the greatest "shower" of my life, but also one of the coldest. I could only step in the falling water for short periods before I began to look a little blue toned. I alternated a few times between warming in the sun, and turning blue in the cold water of the falls, and in both cases I was in a state of bliss. As I lay on patch of grass in the sun, Tara finally made her choice and started towards the waterfall. I wish I could tell you she got fully undressed first but it was not to be. She did remove her shirt, bra, shoes and socks before taking the plunge still wearing her shorts. I could not resist, I had to ask at this point "why not just go the 'Full Monty'??". She was having none of my peer pressure though, quickly and rather smartly responded that if in the event we were interrupted, someone would have to remain "legal" and available to bail the other out of jail. For those not aware, it is fully legal for women in Ontario to go topless anywhere a man can so she was not breaking any of the body shaming laws that I was. Tara is not normally one to take advantage of our topless equality laws as the social stigma related to the female nipple still has a long way to go. On a rare occasions she has let herself "shed the oppression" and go topless but they are few and far between. That day, even though we were fairly confident we had the trails and this wonderful waterfall to ourselves, going legally topless was as far as she was willing to push her comfort zone.  When we returned to the hiking trail we both put our shoes back on, but I otherwise stayed fully naked, and happily Tara chose to remain topless.

We continued on until the trail loop we were hiking eventually returned us to the parking area. Our car was still the only one in the lot so we did not bother to cover up until we made it all the way back at the car. As usual, I am always a little sad when a day of naturism ends and you have to put your clothes back on, the laws are what they are for now. I am envious of my European friends, where it is not so unheard of for someone to go hiking in the country without the shackles of clothing.  I imagine even in more rural areas of Canada, not so close to a big City like Toronto, it would be much easier to go on a hike in the woods or the mountains and go hours without seeing another soul. Then the focus of my adventure would be more about the hike, and less about my lack of clothes and the persistent worry of being caught. Maybe one day an opportunity will present itself. The weather is not very naturist friendly outside today anyway, and I am happy to be indoors without a need for clothes, typing away knowing tonight I will have a bottle of wine, a warm fire, and a hockey  game to watch with Tara. 

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  1. Hi again from Nova Scotia! Another good read! Naked hiking is an interest of mine but something I very, very seldom ever have the chance to do, sadly.

    I gather you're quite finicky about your writing and grammar, etc., so with some trepidation I point out: protected in some "manor" (ouch), "there" own comfort levels and "Its" a very tranquil location. And when referring to the 1960s, it's '60s, not 60's.

    I'll see myself out now. :) I hope I'm not wearing out my welcome!

  2. Oh I am open to corrections, but I am far from a true "writer" so the typo and grammar mistakes will keep coming, sorry!


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