Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Happy Nude Year!

I was not really planning on doing anything for New Years Eve.  Being single and having little interest in changing that situation at the moment, I was just going to stay in and watch Time Square on TV.  My friend Tara had been trying to convince me to join her at a party with textiles and I was brushing her off. I had no interest in being around random drunk strangers, spending New Years Eve home and naked was way more appealing to me. 
About a week before Christmas however, she made an intriguing proposition. What if she had people at her house for New Years, where clothing was NOT an option? At first I was skeptical, Tara knows fewer naturists than I do, and I am only close with 3, Tara included. Not to mention she is generally more shy about naturism than I am. On Christmas eve however I got a great gift when she confirmed another couple was interested and we were a go for our first Nude Years Eve.
To keep things respectful, we had some ground rules that had to be agreed to by all in advance:
  1. No clothes of any kind (obviously), and Tara turned the heat way up to what felt like tropical levels.
  2. No Cameras/ Pictures.
  3. No Phones, for the same reason as rule #2
  4. No Sexual activity, thats not what this was supposed to be about (after considerable amounts of alcohol this rule was eventually broken by some)

I arrived early to help Tara play host to our event. To my surprise my friend Don arrived soon after.  Don is not a nudist/naturist per say, but frequents Hanlans Point regularly during the summer for other reasons. Knowing he was recently single and one of the few people who knows I am a naturist, I extended the invite not really expecting him to accept. Sam and Diane arrived soon after Don and again to our surprise, they had brought a date, a woman I will call Cathy.  I previously had only met Sam and Diane once before.  Like Don I do not consider them naturists/nudists, and they are the first to admit it.  They have an open marriage and very much blur any line between nudity.  Rule number four was written specifically for them so I was a little concerned about their participation, even more so when the brought a third. They still claim Cathy is just a friend, no one believes them, including Cathy.
Everyone arrived overdressed, first due to the whole legal thing (stupid public nudity laws), and secondly as it was incredibly cold on New Years Eve.  The plan was to wait for everyone to arrive, drink some hot chocolate to warm up and then disrobe.  Tara had a great idea to play a game of never have I ever so people could get to know each other a bit better, the only rule was the things had to be non-sexual in nature, removing one article of clothing for each thing you had done in turn. Last person to be fully undressed had to neatly fold and pile away everyone elses clothes.  Poor Cathy had jumped out to an early lead getting down to only her socks before anyone else was fully topless and yet somehow still lost. We all sat around laughing calling her Molly Maid as she tidied the room, those were the rules.
Other than our unique ice breaker, and the fact that we were all naked, anyone who has been to a small gathering, New Years or otherwise, would not have found our party any different.  We ate lots of chips and jalapeno poppers, drank cocktails and beer, and of course the customary sparkling wine at midnight.  We played Cards Against Humanity and had an extra good laugh when some of the cards hit close to home in a room fully of naked people. Sam and Diane behaved for the most part too. Sure there was a squeeze or a hug here and there, and it got more frequent as the night and alcohol intake progressed, but I have seen much worse at a work Christmas party honestly.   
Cathy was the first victim, asleep on the couch by 1 AM. Soon after Sam and Diane disappeared with Don upstairs. If you had told me before the party this would happen I may have cancelled on the whole thing, but by that point I was beyond caring what three consenting adults did behind a closed door.  Tara and I never even made it to a bed, she fell asleep on a sofa, and I slept in a surprisingly comfortable chair.
The next morning we all had an extended sleep in, woken after 10 by the smell of fresh brewed coffee. Bonus points to Tara for not only an excellent breakfast of scrambled eggs, homes fries, and breakfast sausages, but she did so with the use of a frying pan with a glass lid so as to avoid the use of an apron and keep to our 100% clothes free rule.  Everyone was good to pitch in and tidy up so Taras home was restored to its pre-party state before going our separate ways. I am sure I have left some fun bits out but the fog of alcohol is testing my memory right now.  From start to finish it was a great time, everything I imagined a proper Nude Years party would be and with luck this could be a new tradition. One can only hope.

A few side notes.  I got permission to write this blog update from all involved before the drinking began, and again after the alcohol effects had (mostly) worn off.  All names were changed for privacy although Sam and Diane said I could use their real names, I changed them anyway.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/Holiday season, and......


  1. I enjoyed reading this. Good for you, you managed to get a pleasant naked New Years party together!

  2. I cant really take credit, I may have created a naked monster in Tara :D

    1. I like the blog. But how did you introduce your friend Tara to naturist resorts?

      I also have been to nude new years before. They were fun to attend.

    2. I have blogged about her progression a little bit. Basically when I opened up to her about my interest in naturism she was already a frequent "home naturist" and I invited her to the nude beach at Port Burwell where I could be nude even if she chose not to, but by removing the pressure while at the same time providing the opportunity she did get the courage to go nude at the beach, and it sort of spiraled from there. We now socialize nude when ever we can, and have camped a few nights at Bare Oaks (No blog about that, too busy these days to blog)

  3. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to going to making some trips to bareoaks and maybe ponderosa this summer


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