Friday, 3 November 2017

Keep Calm and Stay Naked

Its that time of year again when naturists/nudists go into a bit of hibernation of sorts. I have blogged previously about my experiences and tips for surviving as a naturist through the long Canadian winter (Check them out  here and here if you like) and have not yet thought of anything of value to add on the subject.
With nothing of value to add to the surviving the winter naked conversation, I decide to start a different post than my usual naturist experience based ones, with the topic of current state of naturism as I saw it and the underlying politics and problems holding us back. But ultimately if got a little depressing and I could not remember what I thought would be the benefit of my rambling complaints.

Rather than focus on the ridiculous state of affairs at the International NaturistFederation or the sad (but totally understandable) announcement from YoungNaturists/Nudists of America that they are winding down all YNA operations, and dont get me started on the many so called Twitter naturists who are really just porno addicted, dick pic sending perverts. This paragraph alone should show you how sad that post would have been
Instead I wanted to talk about the positive things going on and in the world of Naturism. There is plenty going on that give me hope that being a naturist is getting better and easier than even a few years ago. 

Out of the Shadows

Many clubs are finally moving away from the secretive and isolationist tendencies that seemed to work 20 years ago but more recently has seen many of them, at least in my area, close or switch to being textile only. And for a change, in this area the marketing power of Social Media is actually playing a positive role, even with the 1950s mentality on censorship used by Facebook, Twitter and the like.  Clubs turn to Social Media to promote more and more to promote their resorts and get the word out that casual, nonsexual, family friendly nudity is possible.  They are also organizing specific events that often gets local media attention which is a huge win for both the club, and naturism as a whole. Bare Oaks is especially good at this with both their Comedy shows  and The Naked State art expo, initially promoted mainly on their own website and social media pages, but ended up being covered by multiple media outlets.

Speaking of Traditional Media

... getting the media on the side of Naturism is no easy task especially in North America where prudes with no idea what Naturism is about, seem to be pulling the strings.  In my local area (Toronto Canada) the media actually had a positive impact recently on what could have been a fully terrible situation.  Spring flooding left most of Toronto Island, including Hanlans Point Clothing Optional beach, inaccessible for most or the prime summer season. And rather than stating in some small footnote that one of only two official clothing optional beaches was closed for the summer, many outlets (The Toronto Star and Now Magazine for example) provided alternatives.  Bare Oaks, Ponderosa, GTA SkinnyDippers, Toronto Area Naturist Sports and Swims (TANS) all getting multiple mentions.  You would have to ask the clubs mentioned what impact this had on their attendance numbers but free advertisement like this cant be a bad thing.

Unlike North America, in Europe a quick google search will show you how much different is really is there for Naturists.  Its far more common to see an article on Naturism or the benefits of going naked in Europe than in America but based on what I am seeing in my area as shown above, at least its getting better.

We are not alone!

I am not one to follow the tabloids, and I really dont care what Robert Downey Jr. had for lunch, or the new skirt Mila Kunis was seen wearing in Beverly Hills. But every once in a while you hear about some famous person admitting they are a naturist, even if some may just go naked at home, it grabs my attention. Not because of who they are, but for what it can do for naturism. The more people of influence that speak openly about naturism and natural nudity the better. It can have the opposite effect, i.e. Super Bowl Nip slips help nobody, but for the most part it helps normalize nudity for the masses and for those of us in the know, helps us feel a little less alone. Ones I can confirm are:
And thats just the ones I found easy links to, Adam Levine, Alicia Silverstone, Eva Mendes, Orlando Bloom, Bruce Willis, Alanis Morrissette, Halley Berry, Miranda Kerr, Kira Knightly all are also reportedly naturists/nudists at some level. And yes some of the reactions they got for it were negative, but we have to keep moving forward.


And since most of this post is about positive things in naturism, I thought I would add an area for improvement. Who doesnt like Swag am I right? My two local clubs, Bare Oaks and Ponderosa, both have merchandise to buy at their club stores.
On my first visit I got a Ponderosa Beer cozie as a souvenir and I use it at home often.  From Bare Oaks I got one of those pens when you tip it the little persons clothes come off.  I plan on using it to write Christmas letters this year, make writing them feel less tedious.  Imagine if those pens, and beer cozies were not just available at the club store, but online.  Facebook is making it easier to sell your merchandise these days, and there are plenty of alternatives like Etsy and eBay. Combine that with promoting the merchandise on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.  Selling club branded T-shirts (the irony, I know!) and so on could be incredibly valuable for promoting your club and increasing revenue.  Perhaps they have already tried this previously but I think the possibilities are incredible. T-shirts promoting naturism is a bit of an oxymoron as it were and to be honest Im not likely to walk around in a basic club branded shirt, but a Id rather be naked  with the club logo, or even better, Keep Calm and Stay Naked with the club logo replacing the crown, that would draw attention for sure......hmmmm, maybe I should start my own naturist clothing/merchandise line????

Well that is all I had for now, feel free to share your thoughts, positive/constructive feedback is always welcome.  Otherwise I hope you all survive the winter and can stay naked as much as possible.  Maybe I will even see some of you at a GTA SkinnyDippers outing.

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  1. One thing I thought of for merch was bumper stickers with different nudist/naturists slogans ?


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